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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Ricardo Sanchez Segura

      I am really enjoying the products. The unscented butter is perfect for bedtime, not worrying about any smell, beard washer is great to restart the beard and I loved the oils. It has a mild scent but that last the whole day. I'm impressed.

      David Homchuck
      Smooth and Rich

      Full disclosure; I am very fussy about my beard oil. It needs to melt easily, apply smoothly and not leave my beard feeling greasy. This butter melted fairly good, and applied well. I found it a tad bit thick (possibly a wee bit too much shea butter) but left my beard feeling soft and well moisturized the following morning. Still searching for the perfect Beard Butter, but this is definitely a solid four stars.

      Brian P
      My new favorite

      I have tried many different butters from companies you have heard of and wildschwein blows all of them away. It is very soft and zero grit and breaks down instantly. I only regret not trying it sooner. This butter is my new go to.