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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Joe S.
      Took a chance

      I prefer unscented products, but since Wildschwein doesn't offer an unscented line, curiosity and good reviews talked me into trying an oil. And, since this particular oil is seasonal, it was on clearance when I bought it, so the price was right. I gotta say, it reminds me more of a Christmas scent than a fall scent, mainly because of the cinnamon that I smell. All in all, I like it...occasionally. I wouldn't wear it every day, but that's mainly because I am not a scent kinda guy. But, with that thought in mind, the scent isn't harsh, or overbearing. If this company would offer an unscented line, I would be all for that, because the carrier oil blend is a good one, and my beard absorbs it nicely. It does leave my beard feeling soft and nourished.

      Marty Regal
      Mr. Hyde

      Im really diggin this one. At first smell i thought it was like suntan lotion smelling... But that quickly fades to a leathery clove. Im really liking it. Excellent job!

      Pauly G
      Behind the beard with Pauly G

      Hyde’s Ride! The newly released scent from the schwein!. It’s a awesome scent that Dr. schwein, produced in his lab. Cinnamon, cloves, coconut, lemon grass, leathery accents! Phenomenal great for any occasion reminds me of a Autumn sent. Definitely worth checking out get it while you can and get the Hyde out!

      Out of The Lab

      Out of the lab and off into the world! The mahogany is the strongest of the scents I detect and the whole scent transports you to a place where you might actually run in to Mr. HYDE. The nurturing oil blend leaves my beard soft and well protected and is of the highest quality. Something that I have come to expect from all the Wildschwein Grooming products.