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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Patrick Smith

      Nailed it. Such an amazing scent. Hard to describe. Love the carrier blend. Another reason why this is one of my favorite companies.

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      Justin B
      Vengeance of Valor

      This oil blend is absolutely amazing! Makes my beard ridiculously soft and the scent is dark,smooth,manly, an unique.

      Chris Bryner
      What is this sorcery?

      This is the scent and feel that I've been looking for and didn't even know it. Jake has got some killer artistry with this product. Hands down, my favorite. I gotta try me some others from Wildschwein.

      Beard HP
      Wildschwein's Balm is the BOMB & so is this scent profile!

      First off, I just want to say that Valor of Vengence is one of those scent profiles that you are unsure about, but curious enough to order, & then when it comes in you can't stop wearing it!!! Right away you get the sweetness & spiciness of the Tea hits you in the beginning, but in a way that smells nothing like you would expect due to how it pairs off with the creamy musk to give a nice "fruity" type smell. Seconds later, you get the gunpowder & smoke, before it gives way to a subtle vetiver base cologne profile that will turn heads around the office! Just wait until you put in that mid-day refresher, using the most incredible BEARD BALM ever made! I feel it should be named "BEARD BOMB" or "BEARD BATTER" because its truly a hybrid between butter and balm, as well as the BOMB!!!!. If you have a larger beard and are looking for a balm you can wear during the day and overnight, THIS PRODUCT IS FOR YOU!!!! If you have a smaller/shorter beard, this product is also for you! If you are a guy that likes complex and great smelling profiles that last just long enough until its time to put in a little "refresher", then this product is for you! Hell, no matter who you are, you need wildschwein in the beard!!! I guarantee you that I will be a customer for life!