Born of a kitchen experiment to create a beard balm for personal use that had nourishing hold and scent qualities in one single package soon turned into years of perfecting that formula.  Finding a product that had quality ingredients, scent, texture and hold all in one, was a challenge. In this pursuit, creating a product that was hand crafted and original, unlike the generic mass produced products put out by big box companies, was imperative. So, batch after batch, tested on myself,  family and friends, a product that not only stood up to the best on the market, but exceeded my own expectations emerged in #32. Naturally, next came oils and pomade, more feedback, design and a vision for what would ultimately become Wildschwein Grooming co.

Today Wilschwein is family owned and run, operating out of southern california, where each batch is quality tested.  

After working in the construction industry for over a decade a turn of events led me to the barbering industry and this  passion project that has led me to sharing a product I initially created for myself and stand behind 100%.


-Jake Danieri