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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 5 reviews
      Chris K.
      This is the real deal

      Best co wash I've tried. And many I have tried. Just feels fantastic. I have it in 3 scents and just continuously rotate them. If there's a better co wash I haven't come across it. It will do its job with an amazing scent. Don't hesitate. Pick one! Won't go wrong!

      Daniel Gowans

      Big Island Blend CoWash

      Awesome Tropical Scent

      Hands down best tropical scent I've purchased from any company. Strong pineapple up front with a bit of coconut to mellow it out. Also very high quality, leaves my beard nice and soft. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a high quality tropical scent.

      Big on Results, Small on Price, Great Smell, Would Buy Again!

      So in my search for a good co-wash to treat my growing beard between washes, I stumbled upon Wildschwein. I snagged 2 of their co-wash products (Fresh & Clean, and Big Island Blend) and have used each for about 2 weeks each. After coming from using a dedicated beard wash, then a dedicated beard conditioner, this is a really good transition, especially considering this makes my beard feel clean, smooth, and receptive to styling between washes. What I mean is, most of the time between washes, the beard gets unruly and you really need to work on it due to product buildup. This stuff leaves just enough product to keep it looking good, adds the nutrients necessary to keep it soft, and does it all with a great scent! I truly believe that this can easily go toe to toe with dedicated beard conditioners if you leave it in your hair for a few minutes. I've done it before and the results were fantastic! Between the two co-washes I purchased, this has a stronger scent. The smell is a nice 'Piña Colada' blend of coconut, pineapple and awesome, but the scent is not so overpowering that it will clash with whatever beard oil/balm you put on afterwards. I know this as I have used unscented oil/butter afterwards and my girlfriend couldn't smell anything but clean beard once I was done. And in the end, that's how it should be! Wildschwein, you've got a great product here. Don't change the formula and keep those awesome scents coming!

      Pauly G
      Behind the beard with Pauly G

      Awesome 👏🏻 co- wash! Leaving your beard super soft and smelling awesome! Great scent! Screaming summertime is here! Get it in a package deal with matching oil, balm, pomade! You won’t regret it!