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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 8 reviews
      Quality! My girlfriend can't get enough

      I originally bought the Vanilla Cigar scent from a barbershop and my girlfriend went absolutely nuts over it! I just ordered two more and the wash! Saw that it was from Phelan and now I don't think I will be buying anything else! If not for yourself men, do it for the ladies in your life!

      Steven Mann
      Favorite beard oil ever!

      Great smelling,different than any other that I’ve tried.Don’t want to use anything else. I also love your stickers 😁

      Bearded Brothers (Joe) Bearded Life Review Team
      Amazing Products handle with amazing care!!

      Wildschwein Grooming is one of the best companies I have had the extreme pleasure of reviewing!! The oil is fantastic and conditions beautifully and the Balm provides a nice hold while conditioning as well!! The owner is awesome the look of the product is awesome and more importantly it feels like heaven in your beard!! P.s. Cigar and Vanilla is a killer scent profile!!! Order you wont regret it

      Great scent

      I have bought several vanilla tobacco scent but this may be my favorite. The scent lasts and last and the quality of the product is seco d to none. I have reviewed hundreds of products and wildschwein is near the top of my list.

      Pauly G
      Behind the beard with Pauly G

      Vanilla and Tobacco notes. Absolutely amazing, well balanced scent. Great for a night out on the town, great for poker ♠️ night. Another awesome scent with awesome oils!🍨💨